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HQ 1137 .E3 .R63
Women in Ancient Egypt pp 33,54,180-186 (yes)

BL477 .A54 2007
Angels: the concept of celestial beings (messengers)

DT59.B6 .M86/1988
Mummies & magic: the funerary arts of ancient Egypt (see Osiris Nefertari p 174)

DT 60 .C634 2007
Conflicted antiquities: Egyptology, Egyptomania, Egyptian modernity

DT 60 .C638 2003
Consuming Ancient Egypt

DT 60 .S64
Servant of Mut (Robins)

DT 61 .O57
The Role of the Chantress in Ancient Egypt

DT 87 .15 .H378

DT 159 .6 .N8 S65
Wretched Kush

DT 159.6.N83 B527 2004
Daily Life of the Nubians

GN803 .G55
Gods and goddesses of old Europe, 7000 to 3500 BC

GR 825

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(Last updated 14 January 2016.)

Beyond bedlam / Wyman Guin. RBSF G964 E 1

200.8664 1
Que(e)rying religion : a critical anthology

200 .93 2
Prayer, Magic, and the Stars
Szpakowska - Open Portal

206.109394 1
Priests and officials in the ancient Near East
(Saana Teppo (?) - already have Steinkeller)

221 .6 153
Solving Riddles and Untying Knots
(Plural of Ecstasy)

221.6082 1
Gender and difference in ancient Israel

221 .7 62 V 49
Marsman, Hennie J.
Women in Ugarit and Israel (incl goddesses)

291.211 13
The earliest semitic pantheon : a study of the Semitic deities attested in Mesopotamia before Ur III

291 .2114 17
Lotte Motz
Faces of the Goddess

291 .213 18
Mythical Trickster Figures

291 .23 19
Love and Death in the ANE
(Hallo - Birth of Kings)

294.34211 7
Kuan-yin : the Chinese transformation of Avalokiteśvara

294.5513 15
Gods of love and ecstasy : the traditions of Shiva and Dionysus

299.21 73
The triumph of the symbol : pictorial representation of deities in Mesopotamia and the biblical image ban / Tallay Ornan.

299.31 29
The Litany of Re

299.31 31
The Wandering of the Soul - Pianokoff
Book of Two Ways, Book of Quererts / Caverns, game of draughts

299 .31 91
Germond - Sekhmet

299 .31 103
Hathor Quadrifons

299.31 160
Symbols of ancient Egypt in the late period : the twenty-first dynasty / Beatrice L. Goff.
have illos - but didn't you copy some text as well?

299.9 16
Some aspects of Hittite religion

299.995 4
Sumerian Gods and their Representations

302.231 46
Riding the Korean digital wave

303.4825195 2
The Korean Wave

303.4825195 3
Korean masculinities and transcultural consumption: Yonsama, Rain, Oldboy, K-Pop idols

303.66 139
Orientalism and War (Cumings)

305.2352 4
Girl wide web : girls, the Internet, and the negotiation of identity / edited by Sharon R. Mazzarella.

305 .40901 8
Gender and Archaeology

305 .40935 4
Zainab Bahrani
Women of Babylon

306.2709519 1
Militarized modernity and gendered citizenship in South Korea

306 .70938 4
Rape in Antiquity

306. 765 2
Bisexuality in the Ancient World

323.095 9
Human rights in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan

392.509519 1
Getting married in Korea : of gender, morality, and modernity

393.09 1
Funerary symbols and religion (Janssen)

398 .45
Monsters (browse at this call no)

411 25
The genesis of the alphabet and its development in the second millennium B.C.

492.605 1
West, David R. The Semitic origins of Ariadne and Atalanta. Ugarit-Forschungen 22 1991, pp 425-432.

493.1 170
Studies on the illustrated Theban funerary papyri of the 11th and 10th centuries B.C. / Andrzej Niwinski.

499.95 95
House Most High: The Temples of Ancient Mesopotamia

523 .109356
Francoise Bruschweiler
Inanna: la Deesse Triomphante

704.948943 6
The iconography of Chinese Buddhism in traditional China

704.948943 41
The iconography of Avalokiteśvara in Mainland South East Asia

709.3978 1
Hellenizing art in ancient Nubia, 300 BC-AD 250, and its Egyptian models : a study in "acculturation"

780 .82 19
Music and Women: the story of women in their relation to music

791.4509519 1
East Asian pop culture : analysing the Korean wave

809.02 114
Marvels, Monsters and Miracles

Myth (browse around this call no)

892 .1 2
Court poetry and literary miscellanea

892 .108 5 B
Foster, Benjamin R.
Before the Muses: an anthology of Akkadian literature

892 .1109 1
Your Thwarts in Pieces, Your Mooring Rope Cut: Poetry from Babylonia and Assyria.

899 .95 5
Helgard Balz-Cochois
Inanna: Wesensbild und Kult

899 .9509 4
Konrad Volk
Inanna und Šukaletuda

899 .95109
Mesopotamian Poetic Language

909.09812 15
Egyptomania : the Egyptian revival, a recurring theme in the history of taste

912 .09 28
Atlas of Legendary Lands

913.32 8
Annales du Service des antiquités de l'Egypte.
Piankoff vol 49 part 2 1949 p129

913.33 8
PINNOCK F. The doves of the goddess. Elements of the Cult of Ishtar at Ebla in the Middle Bronze Age. Levant 32 2000 pp. 121-128

915.03 3
LANERI Nicola The discovery of a funerary ritual: Inanna/Ishtar and her descent to the nether world in Titriş Höyük, Turkey. East and West 2002, vol. 52, no1-4, pp. 9-51

915.19 20
Korea Observer
(back to 43(3) autumn 2012)

930.05 7

932 90
Athribis, textes et documents relatifs à la géographie, aux cultes, et à l'histoire d'une ville du delta égyptien à l'époque pharaoniqu

932.01 43
Recherche sur les messagers (wpwtyw) dans les sources égyptiennes profanes


935 154
Bar-Ilan studies in Assyriology : dedicated to Pinḥas Artzi
Kutscher - Dumuzi

939 .4 217
Sex and Gender in the ANE
(Assante, etc etc - have done McCaffrey)

939 .43 33
Resurrecting the Past [Tishpak]

939 .78 25
The Kingdom of Kush
a Bastet temple near Napata - Rosenow

973.0495 3
Margins and mainstreams: Asians in American history and culture

973.8 89
Puritans in Babylon : the ancient Near East and American intellectual life, 1880-1930
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Living color : the biological and social meaning of skin color (also NLA, Waverley)

History in Black : African-Americans in search of an ancient past

The Love of the Samurai

Studies presented to F. Ll. Griffith (Offsite storage)

Que(e)rying religion : a critical anthology (also at NLA)

Egyptomania : the Egyptian revival, a recurring theme in the history of taste

Francis King - Ritual Magic in England (also at NLA)

The history of East London : from the earliest times to the end of the eighteenth century / by Sir Hubert Llewellyn Smith.
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The mummy's curse : mummymania in the English-speaking world
(page numbers for chapter "Fear and Loathing")

Symbolon: Jahrbuch fur Symbolforschung. Neue Folge Bd 2. (Hornung - Set with ibis or flamingo head "der von Horus an einem Strick (?) festgehaten wird" held on a rope by Horus) [is this the correct reference? I couldn't find it anywhere in the article. Check the Lexikon]

Liber Amicorum: Studies in honour of Professor Dr. C. J. Bleeker. Published on the occasion of his retirement from the chair of the history of religions and the phenomenology of religion at the University of Amsterdam - J. Zandee, complete English translation of The Book of Gates (also that great "are we the parrots?" article)

Que(e)rying religion : a critical anthology (also Fisher)

Living color : the biological and social meaning of skin color (also State)

The Korean Wave: Korean popular culture in global context

Imperial citizens : Koreans and race from Seoul to LA

The seasonal pattern in the Ugaritic myth of Ba`lu, according to the version of Ilimilku

The mummy's curse : mummymania in the English-speaking world

Wiener Zeitschrift für die Kunde des Morgenlandes 56 1960 Landsberger
the connection of the jump-rope, plaything of Ishtar, with battle [not in photocopy log???]

The love of Dunhuang / Yun Humyong

Gold rush / Miri Yu

The poet / Yi Mun-yol

A distant and beautiful place / Yang Kwija

Your republic is calling you / Young-ha Kim

The long road : a novel / Kim In-Suk

Anthology of Korean literature : from early times to the nineteenth century

Korean short stories

A Ready-Made Life

Yunte Huang - Charlie Chan

Korean myths and folk legends

An illustrated guide to Korean mythology / Choi Won-Oh

Francis King - Ritual Magic in England (also at SLNSW)

Prophecy in its ancient Near Eastern context - CHIFLEY BL633 .P75 2000
Nissinen - "The Socioreligious Role of the Neo-Assyrian Prophets" (Ishtar)

The early history of heaven - CHIFLEY BM645.H43 W75 2000
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Greenfield papyrus in the British museum. [STORED OFFSITE]

From the realm of the ancestors : an anthology in honor of Marija Gimbutas / edited by Joan Marler. [STORED OFFSITE]

The descent of Inanna as a ritual journey to Kutha? / by Giorgio Buccellati. A catalog of Near Eastern Venus deities / by Wolfgang Heimpel. (ie Syro-Mesopotamian Studies 4(3) 1982)

Gender in Pre-Hispanic America

Ancient Maya Women

On Beer and Brewing Techniques in Ancient Mesopotamia

Egyptian healing statues in three museums in Italy : Turin, Florence, Naples [Naples 1065 androgynous Sekhmet]

Du chat à l'uraeus « qui délimite » l'arbre de l'horizon oriental pour Rê et pour Osiris , dans Varia Aegyptiaca , 9 (1993), p. 19-31.


Whitehouse, H., "Putting the Question to Seth, Lord of the Oasis", The Ashmolean 43, 2002, 2-5.

Deb Dale Jones' dissertation, She Spoke to Them with a Stormy Heart: The Politics of Reading Ancient (or other) Narrative, U of Minn, 1993. (at Johns Hopkins University!)
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Magic and Ritual in the Ancient World
BF 1591 .M344 2002

Mesopotamian Magic
BF 1591 .M47 1999

Traversing Eternity
BL 2455 .S65 2009

Studies in honour of John A Wilson
CB 251 .C55 No 35

Ancient Egyptian coregencies
CB 251 .C55 vol 40

Gold of praise : studies on ancient Egypt in honor of Edward F. Wente
CB 251 .C55 vol 58

Ungendering Civilization
CB 311 .U56 2004

Orient and Occident : Essays presented to Cyrus H. Gordon on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday
DS 56 .O73

Unity and Diversity
DS 62 .2 U54

The Babylonian World
DS 69 .5 .B23 2007

Toward the Image of Tammuz
DS 69 .6 .J23 1970

Aspekte spätägyptischer Kultur : Festschrift für Erich Winter zum 65. Geburtstag
DT 56. 9 .A76

Studies on Ancient Egypt in honour of H.S. Smith
DT 56. 9 .S78

Aegyptiaca : essays on Egyptian themes
DT 60 .A33

Essays on ancient Egypt in honour of Herman te Velde
DT 60 .E87

Ancient Egypt : the Aegean and the Near East : studies in honour of Martha Rhoads Bell
DT 61 .A597/1997

Egyptology in Australia and New Zealand 2009 : proceedings of the Conference held in Melbourne, September 4th-6th
DT 61 .A875 2009

Current Research in Egyptology
DT 61 .C79 2009

Ancient Perspectives on Egypt
DT 83 .A657 2003

Das Ptolemäische Ägypten : Akten d. internat. Symposions, 27.-29. September 1976 in Berlin
DT 92 .P78

The Gender and Sexuality Reader
GN 479 .65 .G475 1997

Sex and Difference in Ancient Greece and Rome
HQ 18 .G8 S49 2003

Studies on Women at Mari
HQ 1137 .S97 B37

Women Culture and Society
HQ 1206 .R65

Sexuality in ancient art : Near East, Egypt, Greece, and Italy
N 5333 .S425 1996

Egyptian Art in the Nicholson Museum Sydney
N 5336 .A8 .S934 2006

Narratives of Egypt and the Near East
PJ 309 .N377 2011

Studies in Egyptology presented to Miriam Lichtheim
PJ 1026 .L53 .S78

Monsters in the Mind
PN 56 .M55 C39

Ancient Greek Gadgets and Machines
T 16 .B87


Intellectual Life in the Ancient Near East
001 .109394 1

Religion in the Ancient World: New Themes and Approaches
200 .93 1

Priests and Officials in the Ancient Near East
206 .109394 1

Female and male : the cultic personnel : the Bible and the rest of the ancient Near East
220.6082 5

Feminist Anthropology
301 .08 14

Gender through Time in the Ancient Near East
305 .309394 1

Essays on the Ancient Near East
492 .1 178

Tablet and the Scroll
492 46

Written on Clay and Stone
499 .95 109

Africa in antiquity : the arts of ancient Nubia and the Sudan : proceedings of the symposium held in conjunction with the exhibition, Brooklyn, Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 1978 (Meroitica 5)
709.32 23

Opening the Tablet Box
892 .109 16

Egyptological studies in honor of Richard A. Parker
932 138

Of Pots and Plans
935 309

Leaving No Stones Unturned
939 .4 210


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