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Name:Plaything of Sekhmet
Birthdate:Aug 10
This is dreamer_easy's side journal for thealogy (the study of goddesses) - mostly Mesopotamian and Egyptian - and any gods who happen to catch my interest. :-)

There's lots of related stuff in my Tumblr, dwellerinthelibrary.

"It occurred to me that something might perhaps be made out of this question by patiently accumulating and reflecting on all sorts of facts which could possibly have any bearing on it." - Charles Darwin

"... as his strength lay more in massive documentation than in analysis he was unable to apply his own precepts." - Mary Douglas (of Lucien Lévy-Bruhl)

Interests (121):

agathodaimon, amazons, amun, amun-min, anahita, anat, anath, ancient egypt, ancient egyptian religion, ancient matriarchy, ancient near east, antart, anubis, apademak, apedemak, apophis, archaeology, archeology, aresnuphis, ash, asherah, ashtar-chemosh, assyria, astarte, asushunamir, atargatis, atum, azazel, babylon, babylonia, bast, bastet, blessed virgin mary, canaan, crone, demons, dumuzi, egypt, enheduanna, enuma elish, erik hornung, eye of horus, eye of ra, eye of re, gilgamesh, goddess, goddesses, gorgons, hathor, hittites, horned god, horned one, inana, inanna, ishtar, kadesh, kush, lamashtu, lilith, ma'at, maat, mafdet, mag, mahes, matit, mehen-serpent, mehit, mekhit, menhit, menhyt, meretseger, mesopotamia, mestjet, mut, mythology, neith, nephthys, nidaba, ninhursag, nisaba, nubia, paghat, pakhet, persephone, qadesh, qudshu, raettawy, religion, renenutet, sachmet, sachmis, sacred prostitution, sakhmet, saltu, samuel noah kramer, santa muerte, sekhmet, sekhmet-bast-ra, serqet, seshat, set, shesmetet, starhawk, sumer, sumerian literature, tammuz, tayet, tefnut, the crone, the goddess, the horned god, the trickster, thealogy, thoth, tiamat, trickster, ugarit, uraeus, uttu, venus of willendorf, wadjet
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